Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Go to sleep

Or should I say turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Years ago I remember reading that the sleep you get before midnight is the most important sleep. (This probably came from an ancient indian script knowing my earlier life)

More recently there was a news report linking cancer and sleeping with a light on or even sleeping in a room with a street light on outside it all night! (Is this getting too weird for you? Well here is the medical link: Schernhammer E, Rosner B, Willett W, Laden F, Colditz G, Hankinson S (2004). "Epidemiology of urinary melatonin in women and its relation to other hormones and night work.". Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 13 (62): 936-43. PMID 15184249. )

There is also the Melatonin connection much mentioned of late. Got me thinking about one of the first doctors I saw in 1999 and how she said a lot of my symptoms could be explained by sleep deprivation - muscle pain, poor concentration, poor memory, irritability and fatigue. Had my children trained me to be a light sleeper? No one has ever ordered a sleep study to be done on me. Some doctors have queried if I have had one done.

  • I snore quite a bit especially when lying on my back
  • my legs often jerk
  • I talk on some nights.

I feel this needs more investigation but "I am not my disease - I have a life."