Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Changes, changes everywhere..

but if you just sit and stare...
you stay the same!" Children's song often sung on PLAYSCHOOL

Well I know I don't want to sit and stare and change is a constant. I have embraced the changes with only a few stamping and 'angry' days. I think I have done well but there is no one to praise me. So well done me!
I actually enjoy my new limited life and am constantly busy (mostly on the internet) and usually feel there are never enough hours in the day and still lots of things I would love to acheive. I am thinking of an ebook, some ezine articles, a children's book including the illustrations, some online education with "proper qualifications", modifying yoga for chronic pain sufferers, finishing a guest blog, painting a picture, etc etc.
I got momentarily sad this week when the specialist told me there was something wrong with my heart, because there is so much more I want to do. Okay it use to be dance and party and walk and travel - all things with my kinesthetic loving body (do you know about types?) - and yes I use to be a dancer but now I love my changed life. After all who wants to stay the same. So embrace the changes and by the way CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to all you have done regarding not being defined by your disease. Please leave me a comment cause I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The nicest complement

You may not know that I also write for GNN Good News Network which is a positive news site about uplifting topics. Someone said the other day that whenever they wanted to feel good they went there - I know this is what we hope to achieve with the site but it was just so lovely to randomly hear it from someone.

Pass on a genuine complement to someone because it does have a good effect.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What disease?

Or I should say what diseases; and yes they do cause me dis - ease.
The thyroid disease was diagnosed first - Hashimotos Thyroid which is low thyroid or hypothyroid caused by the immune system.
I discovered I had Von Willebrand's next. It is a bleeding disorder that involves the blood clotting factor 8. Then I was told so many times I had Fibromyalgia.
Next came Sjogren's Syndrome due to the dry eyes and mouth.
Last, and I truly hope it is the last, is Polymyositis with Arthritis.
So now you know my diseases but you also know my attitude is that these conditions are not all there is to me they are only a very small part.