Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally Diagnosed with Myositis

Finally Diagnosed with Myositis OR No I am not Crazy.
I overcame my fear of a muscle biopsy (due to a bleeding disorder) and have finally been diagnosed with "inflammatory myositis" - which is a muscle disorder with all of my symptoms - muscle pain, muscle weakness, swollen muscles, difficulty swallowing etc etc etc. It affects the muscles closest to the body - upper arms, thighs, neck, shoulders and makes them ache and tire easily. It is an autoimmune condition, a connective tissue disorder and comes under the heading of neuromuscular disease.
My new rheumatologist was the person who diagnosed me but it could have just as easily been a neurologist ( Goodness knows I have seen so many! )

So the moral of the story is Never Give Up. Fight for yourself as no one else will. Do not accept the doctors who tell you 'it is in your head', 'it is menopause' or 'just your age' or 'because you are putting on weight' or 'just mild fibromyalgia' or 'you are not taking your thyroid meds properly' or 'if it was really bad you would be in a wheelchair' or 'just take these tablets' (and now these, and these and more of these). Only you know your body and your symptoms. Some times I started to think I was imagining it and I was going crazy.
I am pleased to finally have this diagnosis but will also fight to get better as I am Not my Disease.
P.S. I could name each doctor and what they said but "you know who you are"