Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hosting the Disability Carnival

This is a first for me - hosting the carnival of bloggers. Oh I have joined in once or twice, but never played host.

This carnival is all about first.

I wanted to make this easy to join in. We are such a diverse group. What we all have in common is blogging so I would love everyone to connect in this Disability Carnival with their first blog post. (ordinal number
1: coming before all others in time or order; earliest; 1st: the first post on your site)

If you don't find this appealing then please pick a first to write about from the definitions below:

  • 'first things first'
    important matters should be dealt with before other things: I suggest we get our priorities right—first things first
  • 'from the (very) first'
    from the beginning: she realized it from the first
  • 'at first - at the beginning'
    in the initial stage or stages: at first Hugo tried to be calm
  • 'first and last' everything considered; above all else; altogether: First and last, it is important to know oneself
  • Synonyms of first: earliest, foremost, inaugural, initial, leadoff, maiden, original, pioneer, premier, virgin

So if this is your inaugural attempt to join in the Disability Carnival what do you do?

Just post here, in comments, the link to your first post ever or the post you have written about first. In your post please link back to here. Let everyone know you are joining in. Thanks. The closing date will be March 10.


it's myositis said...

Displaced said...

Not much to speak of but there it is!


lost clown said...

The first post about my service dog:

Donna Thomson said...

Hi! Thank you for inviting me to submit a post from my blog! The one I have chosen is a New Year's Reflection.

Donna Thomson
"The Political Caregiver"

Paula Apodaca said...

Thanks for the invitation to participate, and thanks for hosting!
I will write something especially for this question...
Paula Apodaca

Paula Apodaca said...
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Penny L. Richards said...

Looks like this was my first blog post, from April 2005:
And this was the first Disability Blog Carnival, hosted by me in October 2006:

Anonymous said...

A LOT has changed since I wrote this first post:

Anonymous said...

My 1st ever blog post:

lost clown said...

Oh and not really a first, except my first attempt to do a solo paper and scissors zine, but I would LOVE IT if you included my callout for submissions for my zine on (dis)Abilities and Activism!

RA Stories said...
Thank you 4 hosting

survivor said...

Dave Hingsburger said...

My first post goes back to October of 2006 and came in two parts, here's part one: and here's part two:

what a terrific idea for a carnival!!

Peace Be With You said...

When my blog switched from prose to poetry, "Learning Bravery" was the first haiku triptych I featured:

Thanks for sponsoring this.


Health Zoo said...

Thanks 4 hosting this great idea.

Sjogren's blog said...

help autoimmune said...

What i am Learning was my 1st ever post at 'help autoimmune'