Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Adie tonic pupil

I am not my disease.
I have adie tonic pupil. It is just another annoying symptom. No one tells me why I have it. They just make a note of it. What it means is that in the dark I cannot see properly out of one eye. It is not life threatening it is just annoying. I did not always have it - it arrived about 2 years ago - before I was diagnosed with SS. It sent my opthalmologist into a spin - what with that and the eye pain. He ordered an MRI of the brain straight away.
This is just a reminder to myself from eMedicine Anisocoria "The combination of an idiopathic tonic pupil with decreased deep tendon reflexes and/or orthostatic hypotension is termed Holmes-Adie syndrome. The symptoms of a tonic pupil tend to be self-limited. Aide pupil is believed to be idiopathic or viral in etiology.
Other causes of a tonic pupil include neurosyphilis, diabetes, herpes zoster, giant cell arteritis, and alcoholism." from Author: Richard Gray, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, Director of Undergraduate Education, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School, Hennepin County Medical Center

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