Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sjogren's Syndrome

That is pronounced Show grins but I must say I don't have many grins to show this afternoon. Afternoons are usually the worst. I start the day positively and with lots of energy - well the most energy I have all day - but by 3. 30 I'm very tired. The rheumatologist says that is Sjogren's. Not many people know of it but it is quite common as far as auto immune diseases go. Trouble is most people do not get an easy diagnosis until after they have it for quite a while - 7 years it took me. Why? Well with me it was because the symptoms most doctors associate with Sjogren's were not my worst symptoms. Yes I had dry eyes, Yes I had a dry mouth. Yes I had more dental cavities. Yes I had dry skin. I did not go along giving these sypmtoms as they seemed minor to me compared to the muscle aches and the burning tingling in my hands, arms, feet and calves. But dryness is the main sign that doctors take note of to head them in the right direction. The version of SS I have comes with a neat little set of MS like symptoms just for fun. (Please note the sarcasim) If you want to know more about SS go to
This is not my disease - it does not belong to me - I'm not my disease
The rantings edited from what is going on inside my head about what is going on inside my body at any particular time.

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Diane J Standiford said...

My S.O. (no, not senior officer, well, maybe, anyhoo---significant other) has SS among many other fun conditions. I, luckily, just have MS. But, it IS just our bodies, right? Life goes on. Oh, and I love your blog.