Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jig saw puzzle

Things are not absolutely clear - as a matter of fact I feel like it is a large jig saw puzzle.
I know I have a thyroid condition. The endocrinologist said all my new symptoms were not caused by my thyroid - that my thyroid was being treated with the medication - T3 and T4. That sent my G.P. and me on a search for what was the cause of all these aches and pains and muscles that would not relax. (Just to name a few symptoms)

Many times I have heard that people have taken many years before getting a diagnosis. Any way all the pieces of the puzzle are not in place yet - that is how I feel. It is very frustrating to spend so long doing the jigsaw and only to find a few small pieces are missing. Do you know that feeling? Are you a completist? The choice is , I suppose , 1. to let go and walk away or 2. to search very carefully and methodically for the missing pieces.

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