Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Note the capitals - PAIN, chronic pain is a strange thing. You start to live with it, you cope with it, you manage it but you do not see it is slowly changing your life. You stop doing certain things...maybe not going out at night or getting someone else to do the shopping, sitting more, exercising less...whatever. It is insidious. Then one day we have had enough and we try a new doctor, a new drug. We need to try other things but it is hard to think clearly when we are in pain and just trying to get through our day to day existence. I will try and place here links to things that help us - those in chronic pain. Maybe you could post something that has helped you.

I am going to try

  • yoga
  • massage
  • emu oil
  • hot baths

See more info on pain and a brief history of pain

"Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself." Dr. Albert Schweitzer,

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Weird Wonderful World News said...

yesterday i tried massage - it was excruciating in my shoulders and arms and neck, not so painful on my thighs. Not the relaxing massage I expected. Today my shoulders are sore. When I asked the massage therapist if 1 massage a week would be beneficial she did not jump in and say YES. Instead she said to see if my osteopathh saw any improvement at my next treatment and decide from there!