Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ningling and Tumbness

My symptoms are so distinct tonight i thought i better record them.
Tingling and numbness are not new to me - just the pattern of where it is.
A new symptom - tingling in just the left side of my tongue goes now together with tingling numb feeling in all my left fingers and all my left toes. At the same time the night sweats have come on very strong - i am someone who never use to sweat .
Also the pain and bubbling in both my calves is severe. The neck pain and shoulder pain has not subsided for 3 days. It usually weakens overnight.
i know this all sounds a bit depressing but i am still here banging it out on the computer.
Today I had 1 coffee and went for a nice walk.

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GNN said...

This does not sound like fun. do you know why you get it?