Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disease by Dean Rands

It tears me apart to say the words
To think the truth for just a second
Because then it's real - not a lie
And I'll have no choice but to forever cry

But still it's something I must face
And I must fight - win or lose
Because it's there - inside of me
Hidden in my skin - hard to see

I'm truly scared of what could be
Of what lurks beneath my skin
It may be hard for you to know
Thats because I cover it with a show...

Please read the rest of this 18 year olds poem here at a poetry community site called Poems and Quotes.
P.S. Dean. I tried to find you, even tried to register so I could get your okay but could not??? Hope it is okay?

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Peace Be With You said...

That is an astonishing poem, particularly so because it was written by one so young.