Monday, December 26, 2011

Tinnitus embarrassing teens

I'm not much fun at parties

Apparently I talk really loud at parties according to my teenagers. That is caused by the constant ringing in my ears. (It is really embarrassing to teenagers who don't give a damn that you have tinnitus or that they may get it soon if they keep listening to loud music on earpieces)
Standing at parties, in the festive season, increases my pain. You are not a very good party guest if you are in pain.

Sitting for too long at parties makes me really stiff and I cannot get up out of the chair. This is not a good look in one so young; it seems to be accepted in frail 80 year olds but not young robust people.
I end up being the kitchen staff as constant doing and moving works best for my body. If I join in a conversation it is not very long before the pain makes me need to move on and I look quite rude and uninterested.
I use to love to dance at parties but now know that if I do my pain will be extremely bad for 3 days after.
I and many others in pain, may be the one offering you the hors d'oeuvres, making a pleasant comment and moving on. But only if the plate is not too heavy!

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