Friday, June 6, 2008

Electric Lady Land

That's what I call myself when I get this particular set of symptoms (- it's what some call my weird sense of humour to make light of what is happening.) I feel electric all over but really it's just in my arms and legs and lower face particularly mouth, tongue and jaw.
I lie in bed going crazy with this tingling, burning feeling, combined with loud tinnitus and pain in my upper legs like the circulation is blocked off. It is on both sides of my body. There is also pain in my upper arms. Getting up and walking helps. I try to distract myself with the computer but sitting still is hard as the pain burns in my toes and calves and thighs - electric burning all over. Why do I never have these symptyoms when I see a doctor? I am writing them down now so I won't forget how to describe them. The endep does not help and I have taken twice my normal amount.


@GNN said...

taking twice your regular amount is not good - may be try and get of endep and try something else

Blinders Off said...

Now you know symptoms like to play hide and seek when it is time to see the doctor :) writing it down helps.