Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where 2 ?

What is required? what is needed? The 7th specialist is sending me back to the 4th specialist! He did not have any answers then so why am I to assume he would have any answers now.?
The pain behind my left eye, the one that kept me sleeping upright for 3 months is coming back, otherwise I would not be looking for where 2 go. Yes I am on the medical round a bout - I can feel it starting to spin me now. Pain is a strong motivator but where 2?


Blinders Off said...

People who suffer with extreme PAIN can relate with what another person suffering with PAIN is going through.

Pain is a strong motivator but where 2?

PAIN strongly motivates us to living LIFE to the FULLEST...

there are times when pain strongly motivates you to a dark place of wanting to give up. It is embarrassing to admit, but it is the truth. On the up side, that same pain that motivates you to the dark place also motivates you into the light for life. It is a constant battle, but the battles of travelling down the dark path are far less than travelling through the path of light to live life.

Living with pain that comes in severity at a whim is difficult for the average person. That is why we are special :) we are the light for others, we are not letting our disease define us. We loose a few battles, but in the end, we are winning the war because as you so eloquently named your blog and I absolutely agree, “I’m Not My Disease”

@GNN said...

thank you for sharing - it's when my symptoms get me that I become my disease and that is not good at all. i really enjoy your comments and your blog Living-With-MS