Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Doctor,

Re: my diagnosis
I am writing to let you know I have finally been diagnosed and I was hoping you could give me back a few years.
I have had symptoms for over 10 years and I have finally been diagnosed with polymyositis. This is an inflammatory myopathy that causes muscle weakness and muscle pain in the muscles closest to the body. It is an auto immune condition.
I was diagnosed from a muscle biopsy. I have been to so many specialists and I hope that maybe you would remember me so that if someone else comes into your office saying they have muscle pain in their arms and legs, and a feeling that their muscles won't relax and difficulty with fine motor skills and an elevated CPK, that you take the time to listen and try and work with that patient to find out what it is. For 8 years no one offered me a muscle biopsy.

Merry Christmas,
yours sincerely,
G. N.

P.S. I am not my disease (but knowing what it is has helped me greatly)

TO: the endocrinologist, the pain specialist (who said it was fibromyalgia), the psychologist (that said I had cognitive defects and referred me to the immunologist), the neurologist (who gave up after finding out it was not MS) and the rheumatologist (who diagnosed and treated me for 2 years as having Sjogren's syndrome).
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Elspeth said...

Hi Hun :)
Firstly thanks for the support with my survey, its a great help- trust me.
im sorry to read about the poain and problems you are going through. I fully undertand, for years I was told i had mental disorders and that i was an hypochondriac! huh- but frankly speaking what do Doctors really know, cause they dont like to listen to their patients.
Im glad you have finally found the cause of your pain, and i wish you all the best. will keep in touch and thnaks again for your amazing support. xxx hugxxx

@GNN said...

Hi Elspeth , sorry, lost details of survey! what is URL and any other details - thanks