Sunday, January 23, 2011

Forgot my ABC's

I went to the immunologist after about 2 years and when he asked me what medicines I was taking I could remember the names but not the amounts! I felt like I had let myself and him down. I use to carry this information in my bag at all times, then I suppose the tablets changed and I have just not updated this information.

So remember your A, B,C's ...

Are you taking any tablets and medicines?

Bring them with you to the hospital and all appointments - even follow ups.

Carry a current list in your wallet.

The reason I started carrying the list at all times was after I was suddenly admitted to hospital and the same thing happened - I could remember what I took but not some of the names or amounts. This delays treatment and makes it harder for the patient to get the proper treatment. Also I was kept in overnight and the hospital kindly made up a script for my essential medications - very professional treatment, don't you think?

PHOTO THANKS TO jgibson3825

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